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    not a bird, not a plane it's a flogo!
    While surfing the net i ran into a very cool new way of presenting a logo.
    Imagine a fluffy soft material that floating in the air and appears just like a real cloud!

     It's called a FLOGO, the term “Flogo” comes from “flying” and “logo”.
    They are made of "soap" and lighter then air gasses like Helium.
    Flogos can fly as high as 20.000 feet!
    Snowmasters are the inventors (patent pending), they are a firm that produces special effects stuff like snow,fog and foam machines. 
    They can mold the foam into just about any shape, and so create highly custom flogo's.
    I think this is absolutely amazing! and i bet we'll see lots of flying flogo's floating by in the very near future.


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