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     Our friends from Ice Age should be back in July 2009 for a third installment to the successful Ice Age animated movie series. Not sure when this teaser was out but i found this while stumbling around.
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    I could be wrong and totally missed this earlier, wich would make me look like, but i noticed a new button on the YouTube player while in fullscreen mode.
    I had never seen this before so i clicked it and saw a awesome interface.
    Here are the screenshots: 

    Video of the new YouTube interface:
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    Stefan G. Bucher is a writer, graphic designer, and illustrator. Recently he filmed himself blowing a drop of ink on a piece of paper and made it into a monster.
    For the next 99 days he posted a new monster every night. 
    He is up to monster nr. 174  today!
    Here's a video on how he got started:
    And here are the latest 3 monsters
    You can watch more of the daily monsters in the "Daily Monster" video widget on the left
    Visit Stefan Bucher's designstudio at it's a great inspirational site with some amazing artwork.
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    Because i have windows moviemaker on my pc, i've got all Logocreator templates, i saw the 5000 logos in 333 seconds video on you tube and i have way to much free time...
    watch the video below and then read this again.
    Laughingbird Software's The Logo Creator v4.1 - W
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    Inspiration: 5000 logo’s in 333 seconds.

    For inspirational (or brainwashing) purposes only!
    Not all but many of these are (can or will be) called web 2.0 why?
    Look for; Lots of crazy names, the missing letter "e" (Flickr,Tumblr, etc), the shiny table effect, mirror effectt, badges, stickers and plenty of bright colors.
    Don't forget to randomly press pause once in a while.
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    43 Seconds of Graphic Design Mistakes
    Looking for videos on you tube, this one popped up, about the three most common design mistakes Americans make.
    In short;
    First, don't use Comic Sans...EVER!
    Second, change your name to Paul Rand so the networks, like ABC, will pay you a lot of money to design their logo.
    The third mistake is not knowing who Paul Rand is....
    If you think it's ok to use Comic Sans go here and here  to see why it's morally wrong to use Comic Sans.
    And if you don't know who Paul Rand is, then like in the video; you're screwed! so go here and learn! 
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    Morphing the U.S. Presidents from George Washington to George w. Bush. 
    Here's a little animation i made a couple of years ago using FantaMorph by Abrosoft.
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    Laughingbird Software\'s The Logo Creator v4.1 - W
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